The Journey Blog

Reflections on the art of leading


A friend once shared a word with me. It was a word St. Paul used in the original language of his letters to young churches urging them to send Christian workers on their way, equipped with all the necessary resources for their journey. The idea has stayed with me, and is the reason behind the name, Provisions Group, for our work of coaching and equipping leaders in the challenging world of ministry.

Greek scholars Louw & Nida explain the word προπεμπω (propempo): it means "to send someone on in the direction in which he has already been moving, with the probable implication of providing help — ‘to send on one’s way, to help on one’s way.’ As when Paul said, ‘I would like to see you on my way (to Spain) and be helped by you on my way there’ in Romans 15:24. It also means to accompany a person for a short distance at the beginning of a journey — ‘to escort, to accompany’ — ‘they escorted him to the boat’ Acts 20:38.

We hope you will join us in the journey, both figuratively in this space, and literally in a coaching friendship focused on learning and discovery — the discovery of God’s good provisions for the journey at the intersection of faith, life, and vocation.