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Rising from the Mud, Part II: Building Foundations

The work of Provisions Group is basically foundation building.

Its not for a building per se, but for an entity that aims at spiritual renovation. We diligently seek to create an environment and relationships that cooperate with the Spirit's work of digging deep into the heart-soil of leaders. In a physical building a mass of hidden work goes on before construction starts. There is surveying, design work, engineering, soil tests, excavation, placing steel, and pouring footings. All must be done first, and done well so that the entire structure, weighing many tons, will not fall down.

Its the same with the Spirit's work in the hearts of leaders in ministry (and, I must say, in every vocation). It is a deep, unseen work. And it's the foundation of a life that is creative, alive, continually renewed, and strengthened. It is a work of Grace, which bears fruit over a lifetime of enduring service; and actually brings joy to the Creator of the Universe.

This is the purpose of Provisions Group: to strengthen Jesus' churches, and work for their restoration and renewal, by strengthening their leaders. Around such churches, through relationships that network outward from them, whole communities come alive in every walk and at at every season of life.

We are persuaded that we were guided into this work after years of dreaming, prayer, learning, missteps and more learning. We've recognized a great need for coaching, and mentoring, especially for ministry leaders, and to begin testing designs to meet it. The result is a proven model, and the launch of Provisions Group this year.

We’re still not completely out of the ground, but construction has started. It’s both a work of love and a great, and worthy challenge.