How to underwrite coaching costs for ministry leaders

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Pastoral Leadership is a Lonely, Demanding Place.

Pastoral leadership demands a wide range of skills practiced in a complex system. Seminary does a good job of preparing ministers to preach and teach, and even offer pastoral counseling, but it does little to prepare them for conflict resolution, leadership and management, self-care, and cultural or emotional intelligence. When ministers enter the practice of ministry, it turns out that these areas occupy the great majority of their time and are also the sphere of the greatest heartache and criticism against pastors.

Many parishioners don't realize it, but church ministry is more complex than running a business. Peter Drucker said that pastoral ministry is the most difficult and taxing role of which he was aware.

Research shows that every leader needs a coach—and we passionately believe that to sustain a fruitful, healthy ministry, pastoral leaders need a pastor-coach alongside them.

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