What people who've worked with Stephen say:

The coaching of Stephen Baldwin connects with my reality because Stephen knows how to ask just the right question. Stephen's questions are often challenging, always gracious, and make real connections because they are framed most appropriately to me, as a person, and my to situation.

- Ian, Architect & Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen is an insightful, thought-provoking coach with a highly supportive style. Get Stephen on your team and you will have someone who has your back and asks thought-provoking questions that take you deeper than you thought possible. Because of his style, he develops rapport quickly and puts clients at ease immediately. Don't let his compassionate style fool you--he's also highly intelligent, challenges you to be smarter about your life and helps you set goals to get to where you want to be.

- Wendy, Canada

Stephen’s heart is tender, his posture is deeply gracious, and his mind is always tuned to the good of others. I can’t calculate the benefits I received from conversations with Stephen. I just finished a year of coaching with Stephen and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are looking for coaching that will move you toward flourishing in your calling (and trust me, you are), then go here and get started! Seriously, pastor friends, do this now; your future self will thank you.

- Jeremy, Colorado

I had the privilege of being mentored by Stephen Baldwin. Had it not been for Stephenʼs influence on me, I fear that I would be another statistic....

- Mark, North Carolina

In a very real sense I am—perhaps for the first time—feeling like a leader.... That’s the part that was so huge for me: being coached in leadership according to God's definition of good leadership for me, not the standard definition of good leadership for the stereotypical leader.

- Bill, Missouri

Stephen is a coach to all who are in relationship with him. He also cares and can use his caring of others to help them toward a vision......an unbelievably great listener.

Stephen has an ideal balance of wisdom and humility which allow him to operate in a kind and gentle manner, caring for and giving to others.

Stephen has an amazing ability to relate to anyone / everyone, and delight in who they are. 

Stephen is who I want to be in 20 years. 


I planted a church 10 years ago…by the time I reached the tenth year I was well past the point of needing a sabbatical. Thankfully I had a friend recommend Stephen Baldwin to me as someone who could help me.

Some of the many strengths Stephen brought to me are: compassion, authenticity and help. It was a tremendous gift to simply sit with someone else, in a setting outside of my own, and have them listen to me. Stephen has lived in my shoes. So few people understand the pressures of pastoring a church but Stephen was able to enter in without any difficulty because of his own real life joy and pain. Authenticity—I know Stephen had a plan…but it was free from the agenda based approach I was accustomed to…not the checklist of things needing to be covered.… Help—Stephen was excellent in identifying problems, bringing resources together, offering insight. 

 - Paul, North Carolina

Wisdom gained from solid research, plus empathy stemming from his own decades of ministry experience, have equipped Stephen well to provide effective pastoral care to other ministers of the gospel.

- Kim, Communications and Training Specialist

Stephen's gentle but persistent and insightful engagement with me in a bewildering ...vocational crisis was wonderfully used by God in my life. I am deeply indebted to this dear brother and am pleased to be able to endorse him to others.

- Ron, South Carolina